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Let's make scaling focused, fast & fun!

Create your scaling recipe, focus your business, align your team and get ready to scale - all in one go.

Scaleup in a Box©

We provide a no-nonsense scaling toolkit that helps startup teams co-create alignment and efficiently prioritize activities that support sustainable growth.

Scaleup in a Box©

Our templates and guides are designed to help startups take action and focus on achievable goals within a realistic timeframe.

Tools include

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Team Functions
  • Scaling Roadmap
  • Market Players

    What's in the box?

    Which customers create the most value for your business?

    The Customer Segmentation tool helps you map and prioritize between possible customers, helping you market, sell and develop products fitted to your value-creating customers.
    Who should do what and who do you need to recruit?

    In Team Functions, you map out the functions and daily tasks in your company, clarifying your team gaps and recruitment needs to scale.
    Who are your competitors, substitutes, potential partners, or influencers in your market and how do they operate?

    The Market Players tool will allow your team to prioritize among a myriad of business opportunities, optimizing growth instead of spending time on business relations leading nowhere.
    How do you get your investors, team, and other stakeholders to understand where your business is heading in 10 mins?

    The Scaling Roadmap is an overview of your business plan and a revisable tool that provides a way to focus and navigate the “chaos” of scaling a business.

    We deliver tools for a successful scaling journey!

    Use our app and boards to co-create together with your team.

    Customer reviews

    Veronica Eriksson

    Veronica Eriksson

    Sthlm Scaleup Program

    What I appreciate the most about The Scaling School's tools is the empowerment it provides entrepreneurs. They are able to discover innovative approaches and opportunities for growth while maintaining control and ownership of their business.”

    Thomas Bjelkeman

    Thomas Bjelkeman

    Johannas stadsodlingar

    “We are building a state-of-the-art circular and digital food production facility, automated and data-driven. The Scaling School Team Functions tool clarified team gaps and needs to scale.”

    Ismail Eleburuike



    “Working with The Scaling School helped us focus our go-to-market tactics, accelerate growth and become ready to scale in the African educational market.”




    “For startup success, business clarity and a focused team make all the difference. We actively collaborate with The Scaling School to fast-forward our portfolio companies' journey to scale.”




    “Keeping the focus on the target customer is challenging for any startup. The Customer Segmentation tool is essential to recalibrate and accelerate growth in an evolving market.”


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    What's in it for you?


    Clarity through customer focus, team priorities and alignment, and scaling readiness


    Ready-to-go programs, packaged customer offerings, and closer investor partnerships


      Realistic plans, fewer mistakes, enterprise value creation, and hands-on founders support