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Scaling Fast Forward

in 24H steps

Enable your team to deliver results from day one, fostering team skills, and building scaling readiness. In less than 24 hours you and your team walk out with an action plan.

Available steps

Customer Segmentation

Team Functions

€1 495 per team

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24H step



€1 495

per team (up to 4 people)

Which customers create most value for your business? Clarify your target customers to focus and accelerate your business with a 6 to 12 month plan.

Illustration of Customer Segmentation

Enter in the afternoon and:

  • Assess scaling maturity
  • Map customer criteria and behaviors
  • Prioritize between customers

Return next morning to:

  • Document customer criteria board results
  • Define your 6 to 12-month action plan
  • Complete report of conclusions & next steps

24H step



€1 495

per team (up to 4 people)

What team do you need in order to scale your business? Clarify your team functions, gaps and recruitment needs to scale with a 6 to 12 month outlook.

Enter in the afternoon and:

  • Map team functions and deliverables
  • Assign roles and responsibilities
  • Jointly review gaps and recruitment needs

Return next morning to:

  • Document team functions board results
  • Define your 6 to 12 month team focus
  • Assess scaling maturity / review next steps

What's in it for you?

Our tools and trainings are suitable for all parties working together: founders, teams, investors & accelerators.


  • Clarity through customer focus
  • Team priorities and alignment
  • Scaling readiness


  • Ready-to-go programs
  • Packaged customer offering
  • Closer investor partnerships


  • Realistic plans, fewer mistakes
  • Enterprise value creation
  • Hands-on founders support












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What are our customers saying?

“Working with The Scaling School helped us focus our go-to-market tactics, accelerate growth and become ready to scale in the African educational market.”
Ismail Eleburuike

Ismail Eleburuike

Founder, SchoolTry

“The Stockholm Scaleup Program is able to kick start scaling preparation for an early stage startup using The Scaling School tools and sprints.”
Veronica Eriksson

Veronica Eriksson

Stockholm Scaleup

“For startup success, business clarity, and a focused team makes all the difference. We actively collaborate with The Scaling School, to fast-forward our portfolio companies on their journeys to scale.”

Diana Selguson

Investor, Renevatio

“We are building a state of the art circular and digital food production facility, automated and data driven. The Scaling School Team Functions tool provided us clarity of team gaps and needs in order to scale.”
Thomas Bjelkeman

Thomas Bjelkeman

Founder, Johannas Stadsodlingar

“Keeping focus on the target customer is a challenge for any startup. The Customer Segmentation tool is essential to recalibrate and accelerate growth in a market that evolves.”

Siam Choudhury

Founder, Pliance

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