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Guides, templates and examples to make you take action and focus on achievable goals.
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Dig into your core customer behavior, continued by the market position, team, and scaling roadmap.
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“From unclear offerings to must-have products with target group clarity”
The Customer Segmentation tool helps you map and prioritize between possible customers, helping you market, sell and develop products fitted to your value-creating customers.
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“From undefined market landscapes to focused business opportunities”
The Market Players tool will allow your team to prioritize among a myriad of business opportunities, optimizing growth instead of spending time on business relations leading nowhere.
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“From traditional org charts to self-organizing teams”
In Team Functions, you map out your company's functions and daily tasks, clarifying your team gaps and recruitment needs to scale.


“From scattered strategies to a one-page roadmap”
The Scaling Roadmap is an overview of your business plan, a revisable tool that provides a way to focus and navigate the “chaos” of scaling.
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"Keeping the focus on the target customer is challenging for any startup. The Customer Segmentation tool is essential to recalibrate and accelerate growth in an evolving market.”

Siam Choudhury
Founder, Pliance

Each tool guides you in 4 steps

Start by brainstorming and end by creating a planner to
conclude 3 key actions for the next 3-6 months.
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1. Prepare
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2. Brainstorm
Team planning
3. Planner
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4. Key Actions
Thomas Bjelkeman
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"We are building a state-of-the-art circular and digital food production facility, automated and data-driven. The Scaling School Team Functions tool clarified team gaps and needs to scale.”

Thomas Bjelkeman
Founder, Johannas stadsodlingar
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